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F. A. Q.


How do I contact technical support? 


Call (888) VOIPCO1 OR (888) 864-7261 and press option 2.


How do I login to my account? 


  • Open a web browser and go to our website: www.thevoipco.com

  • Click the ‘Customer Login’ link at the top and choose your regional portal

  • You will be redirected to our secure portal login page

  • Enter your username and password provided by your system administrator.

How do I reset my password? 


If you forgot password you can click the ‘Forgot Password?” link on the portal login page. A link with instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.


What happens when Internet or power goes down? 


Since your VoIP phone system is hosted it is not dependent on your power or Internet connection to continue receiving calls. If your office Internet or power is lost, your calls will always be answered by an Auto Attendant or can be forwarded to any outside number or office, even your cell phone. We can also setup a failover system for you. Call technical support for more details.


Can I make international calls? 


Yes you can. Please call Support at (888)-864-7261 and press option 2. A support representative will activate international calling on your account and provide the latest international rates.

Does your system support a softphone? 


Yes we recommend the Counterpath X-Lite softphone.


How do I send an internet fax message? >>


If you already have an Internet fax account please call support at 888-864-7261 and press option 2. A support representative will provide your login credentials.


How do I receive an internet fax message? >>


There are two methods to receive a vfax:

  • Login to portal

  • Setup fax-to-email










How do I retrieve my voice messages? 


When you have a new voicemail the voicemail indicator light will blink on the phone. To check your messages:

  • Press the messages button

  • OR enter * + (mailbox number).

  • The system will prompt for the password that you setup

  • Once password is entered follow the voice prompts to check mail and manage your mailbox.

How do I setup my greeting? 


To access voicemail system:

  • Press the messages button

  • OR enter * + (mailbox number).

You will be welcomed into the voicemail system and prompted to enter password. The default password is your mailbox number.

  • The system will prompt you to enter and reenter your new voicemail password

  • The first part you will record is your name. This is the name that is used for the directory and default voicemail message.

Say your name after the prompt and press the ‘#’ key

  • The second part you will record is your unavailable message. This is the greeting callers will hear when they are directed to your mailbox.

Say your greeting after the prompt and press the ‘#’ key

  • The third part is the busy message. SKIP this section as our system does not use the busy message.Your voicemail is now setup.



How do I transfer a call directly to voicemail? 


Transfer the call to the:

(extension number) + *

Can I use a standard cordless phone? 


Yes if you purchase an ATA you can use a standard cordless phone. An ATA is an adapter to connect your traditional analog phones to the Internet and place Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls.


Can I transfer my existing phone number to The Voip Co? 


Yes you can transfer, or port, your existing local and toll-free numbers to VoIPco. You just need to provide your latest bill from your provider and we will do the rest.

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