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Popular VoIPco PBX Features

Call Routing  Auto Attendants


Multiple Level Call Attendants

Multiple auto attendants

(For different departments)


Optionally have different auto attendants
for different inbound phone numbers


Conference Bridge


Built-in conference bridge eliminates the need for third party conferencing systems.


Business Extensions


Add extensions, remote offices or users from anywhere in the world.


Call Transfer

Transfer a call (blind or attended) to another extension or any phone number.


Music On Hold


Enhanced music on hold. Time-sensitive music on hold, automatic holiday music. 


Enhanced music and/or announcementson hold (By department)

Upload your own Music/Marketing on hold or announcements as mp3 or wav file(s).


Enhanced Voicemail


Voicemail boxes for each user, and for departments, ability to transfer 

to an operator or other extensions from within voicemail.


Voicemail Notification


Have voicemail sent to your email account as an attachment, or receive 
a TEXT message on your cell phone or pager notifying you of a voicemail 
complete with caller ID.


Do Not Disturb


Have calls automatically routed to voicemail, a hunt group, or another
person or phone number.


Instant Reporting & Call detail records


Current charges, Call volume graphs by time of day, month, year or custom dates


Most popular numbers called, number of calls

Most popular numbers called, total minutes


Call traffic by extension

Call traffic for inbound calls by phone number
(Great for tracking marketing dollars)




Three-way calling

Conference rooms (secure).
Have single or multiple PIN-protected conference rooms

Call Management


DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Call hold

Unattended transfer

Consultation hold

Attended transfer

No answer call forwarding

Busy call forwarding

Incoming call screening


Outgoing call screening

Automatic redial

Manual redial

Do-Not-Disturb (DND)

Call waiting indicator

Automatic call delivery

Call routing based on business hours after hours and holiday hours

Extension mobility

Follow me

Hunt groups

Skill-based routing

Speed dial

Call queuing

Forward your calls locally or remotely via VoIPco

Phone or web

Call filtering/blocking


Additional Features


Toll-free numbers with instant online reporting

Customer portal


Unlimited voicemail boxes


Automated address directory


3- or 4-digit extension centrex type dialing


DIDs (Direct Inward Dial, have phone numbers
pointed to different extensions)


Caller ID, Optionally receive a text message to your pager or cell with Caller ID and time of the voicemail


Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) and stuttered dial tone


Route calls based on number dialed & Route calls based on Caller ID


Basic privacy manager (Require callers to enter
their phone number if no Caller ID is detected)


Enhanced privacy manager (Require callers to hang up,
activate Caller ID and call you back)


E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates


Hardware-Handset Features


Call log, Call timer, Full duplex high-quality speaker phone, Distinctive incoming call treatment, Acoustic echo cancellation, 

Background noise suppression, Comfort noise fill, Automatic gain control



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